Access Control




Access Control provides facilities and organizations with security that is as dynamic as each business needs. Access management and scheduling can give businesses valuable peace of mind. Whether you need access solutions indoor or outdoors, ESI has options to choose from


Access Control

ESI maintains security as a top priority with every system we provide to our loyal customers. With Access Control, your physical security is just as important as your digital security. Explore our variety of products that provide unique features to keep you and your employees safe.

Our advanced access solutions can be even more dynamic with single and dual-factor authentication options for added security. Additionally, video integration with select ePhones can allow compatible desktop phones to see live video of who is requesting entry (video features only available with select devices).

Access has never been more secure and adaptable. Through Time Plan, door access can be programmed to lock or unlock doors automatically on a predetermined schedule to give facility owners peace of mind without any daily action needed. In need of more personalized access? Permission-based scheduling gives administrators or facility managers the ability to allow or deny areas based on specific employees, groups, departments, time of day, and other criteria

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Access Control Benefits

Access Control gives businesses the peace of mind that everyone and everything within the facility are protected with the most advanced, yet easy to use, access systems available.


Secure Facilities

Allow or deny entry based on custom conditions, or remotely unlock off-site or unmanned facilities with ease.


Easy Management

Login from anywhere with internet access to manage users or devices, or view logs of entry events.



Easily and affordably add more ESI Access™ devices as needed as your facilities expand.

  • Scheduled door access with Time Plan
  • Secure facilities and information with permissions- based scheduling
  • Remotely unlock doors and facilities
  • Video integration with select ePhones (ePhone8", ePhoneX", and ePhone4x")
  • Single and dual-factor authentication options for additional security
  • Create and Manage Groups for bulk scheduling


Access Dashboard

The Access Dashboard is a centralized location where you can manage devices and view information easily. Log in to the website from anywhere to see device statuses, history logs, and personnel details. Access Dashboard allows easy management of users, devices, and group schedules.


Access Control

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ESI Access Dashboard
Access and manage all security devices in one central location.
AC10v Reader Product
ESI Access™ AC10v Reader
The AC10v is a great cost effective solution for indoor security featuring audio and video capabilities.
ESI Access™ AC64v Reader
The AC64v is an advanced access control solution with video, audio, and RFID card technology.

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Keep Your Facility and Employees Safe and Secure

Security is a peace of mind that we can’t afford not to have. With ESI Access, not only will facilities and private information be protected, but you will also be providing a safe and secure work environment for your employees. We have a variety of systems that provide various access control needs. Our team will gladly work with you to find the best solutions for your business.


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