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The ESI eCloud PBX™ drives reliable and consistent customer communications for a family-owned dealer of iconic brand in the Northeastern U.S.

Electric City Harley-Davidson® is the largest dealership in the area and delivers the "Thrill of the Ride" to customers in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and surrounding states. Along with their talented staff, the Hannum family continues to provide exceptional customer service, focusing on exceeding their customer’s highest expectations, while maintaining their standing as one of the largest Harley-Davidson® dealerships in the entire nation.

Customer Challenges:

Electric City Harley-Davidson® had an existing cloud-based solution that did not meet expectations, impacting the company's values of providing exceptional customer service. Their primary areas of frustration initially revolved around paging and integrations to their music source. With multiple departments (sales, service, parts, merchandise, etc.) it was imperative that the paging system worked consistently. The previous solution conflicted with their network's robust firewalls, causing the paging and music systems to fail on a consistent basis, followed by poor service and response times from the provider. Frustrated and worried about potentially losing business due to missed calls, Electric City Harley-Davidson® entrusted a local Certified ESI partner with an exceptional track record, Galco Business Communications, Inc., knowing they have helped other dealerships successfully implement communications solutions. After assessing the network and addressing existing issues, GALCO helped coordinate a customized live solution demo of ESI's cloud-based offering, including stand-out features like Call Park and Paging that addressed the customer's needs. After considering all of their options, Electric City Harley-Davidson® selected the ESI eCloud PBX™ solution for their business. 

Solutions: ESI eCloud PBX™

ESI successfully implemented a cloud-based solution with 20 user seats, including simultaneous ringing at multiple stations and hunt groups, while supporting the critical need for answering calls with a live person during business hours. After hours, auto-attendants and direct numbers (DIDs) now allow customers and vendors to reach their destination easily and efficiently. Paging now works reliably throughout the facility, and callers hear music on hold without issues. Electric City Harley-Davidson® also loves the look and feel of the ESI ePhones™ that are easy-to-use and maintain, in addition to the responsive U.S.-based support and hardware warranty that remains in effect for the full lifecycle of the agreement.


  • Easy-to-use solution with robust feature sets.
  • Competitive pricing for reduced operating costs.
  • Reliable platform with consistent uptime (99.999%).
  • Disaster Recovery to stay online in emergencies.
  • Support is responsive, knowledgeable & U.S.-based.
  • Comprehensive live solution demonstrations.
  • Full hardware warranty for lifecycle of agreement.

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Automotive, Retail


Scranton, PA

ESI Partner:

Galco Business Communications, Inc.

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