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Longtime ESI Customer upgrades from Legacy On-Premises to ESI Cloud

St. Charles Parish began as a mission of St. Elizabeth Parish in Port Neches in 1922 under Father Fred Hardy. The first church home in Nederland was the upstairs over Cook’s Grocery Store. St. Charles is approaching 100 years as a parish and has more than 1800 registered families and are continuing to grow. Today, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church offers a wide variety of programs and organizations for every member of the family

This is what they had to say about their ESI experience:

Customer Challenges:

  • We had an on premise ESI phone solution for many years that we were incredibly happy with, so when the decision to move to a cloud solution was made, it was an easy choice for us to stay with ESI and their eCloud PBX™ solution.
  • We need a backup answering point for our receptionist to assist with the times when then call volume is a bit larger as well as after hours calls that come in when the receptionist is not available.
    We want a user friendly user portal that makes it easier for the church and admin staff to transition to a new solution.
  • Many of our staff are  mobile and are not at their desks all the time so we need a robust mobility solution.

Solutions: ESI eCloud PBX™

  • ESI went above and beyond in showing us a detailed demo of the solution to working with us through the implementation and installation phases.
  • The solution will be implemented in the Church and Admin offices with 15 telephones.
  • The Auto Attendant is being set up as a backup answering position to the live receptionist as well as after-hours operation.
  • The mobile apps will allow the staff to work from anywhere as well as give them the ability to never miss an important call.
  • ESI replaced our premise based ESI phones with the cloud based phones. We like a lot of the new features, and we really like the way the overall footprint of the phone is smaller.


  • The User Portal is very easy to administer many features of the system, especially button mapping.
  • Easy to use and maintain our ESI telephones
    • They had an on premise ESI solution and really liked the look, operation and feel of the telephones.
  • Support is US-based in Texas
    • Located in Texas as well they appreciate that the US based support team is in Texas as well.
  • Warranty on hardware
    • Warranty on all the hardware should anything need replacing in the future.
  • Disaster recovery included
    • Disaster recovery is included so they know they will always be up and running.
  • Buy back on their existing ESI telephones
    • This program made  it easier to purchase the newer phone models.
  • Non-profit pricing
    • This pricing made it possible to move forward with this new solution at a much faster pace.
  • Remote Administration
    • Reduces service costs and wait times.



Religious Organization, Non-Profit


Nederland, TX