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ESI’s eCloud PBX™ and eSIP Evolution Series™ On-premises PBX help Lincoln Property Management Company headquartered in Dallas, TX serve their customers with both Cloud and On-premises solutions.

Since 1965, Lincoln Property Company has been building, operating, and overseeing leading residential communities across the globe. In the early days, they laid their roots in Texas and the southwestern United States, when the industry was a bit lackluster. The need for experienced, forward-thinking property management was obvious, so they bid adieu to the baseline expectation. Fast-forward to today, and their well-oiled machine has redefined the industry. They have grown, flourished, and influenced; from their humble beginnings, to traversing the globe.

This is what they had to say about their ESI experience:

Customer Challenges:

  • We (Lincoln Property Management Company) were looking for business communications solutions for the leasing offices within the existing properties we take over as well as the new construction builds we will be managing upon their completion. 
  • Some of our locations will be using a cloud based solution and some will be using on-premises solutions. We need these to be transparent in use for our traveling sales managers, etc. 
  • We want an easy to use User Portal for the leasing offices that want more oversight into  the daily traffic, etc. into their offices.
  • We need a robust mobile application.
  • We have multiple locations that our teams travel around and visit, in addition to roaming around the property they are home based at, and we need to make sure reaching everyone is as seamless as possible, no matter where they are.

Solutions: ESI eCloud PBX™ & ESI eSIP Evolution Series™

  • ESI and C2M Tech went above and beyond in showing us a detailed demo of the solution, to working with us through the implementation and installation phases.
  • Having the same types of phones on each solution is a big plus. No one has to learn a different phone if they are traveling to different locations.
  • The mobile apps allow the staff to work from anywhere as well as give them the ability to never miss an important call.
  • The solutions are easily adaptable for handling both low call volume and heavier call volume when new buildings are renting out the apartments and suites.
  • Voicemail works great for us, especially after hours. The flexibility is built in to allow us to set it up as an alternate answering destination when no one is available to take a call.
  • Flexible ringing assignments give us the capability to have incoming calls ring multiple destinations. This gives us the opportunity to answer all incoming calls as well enabling us to continue to offer top notch customer service.


  • Easy to use and maintain telephones
    • They have on premise and Cloud ESI solutions and really like the look, operation and feel of the telephones.
  • Support is US based in Texas
    • Located in Texas as well they appreciate that the US-based support team is in Texas as well.
  • Warranty on hardware
    • Warranty on all the hardware should anything need replacing in the future.
  • Disaster recovery included
    • Disaster recovery is included so they know they will always be up and running.
  • Remote Administration
    • Reduces service costs and wait times.



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