ESI Webphone™

ESI Webphone™

ESI Webphone™ is a dynamic softphone that gives users the ability to maximize their communication from the convenience of their PC. Access your voicemails, contacts, and more with the additional benefit of being able to initiate SMS messages, chats, and calls. This digital tool is essential for workers that are remote and need accessibility from anywhere at any time.


  • Make & receive calls directly on the PC
  • Manage contacts, including favorites, personal contacts, and coworkers
  • View coworker presence status
  • Start Chat/SMS Text conversations with contacts
  • View & manage voicemail messages
  • Call handling (hold, record, transfer, and more)
  • Access to answering rules and personal greetings
  • Enjoy three-way conferencing
  • Works with any headset compatible with PC
  • Supports a remote workforce
  • Multi-language support: English, Spanish, and French
  • Accessible via the ESI eConsole™ dashboard 

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Find the perfect HEADSET for your softphone solution

Upgrade your softphone by adding just the right headset to suit your needs. ESI offers a range of Bluetooth and Wired headsets with high-definition audio to ensure you hear every word with amazing clarity.



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