ESI eMobile™


Make and take client calls, access voicemails, view contact directories and more with ESI eMobile™. Flexibility and mobility are important features in today's business environment. With this smartphone application, you can be equally productive in the office or on the go.


  • Call Handling
  • View your extension’s Call History
  • Access corporate directories and personal contacts
  • Listen to voicemails and call recordings
  • Initiate conference calls
  • Set Presence Status
  • Great for mobile and remote workforces
  • Available for Android and iOS Smartphones
  • Compatible with eSIP Evolution Series™ & Titan Series™ users

ESI eMobile Pro™ delivers more secure reliable connections with your ESI eMobile™ smartphone app:

  • Remote Resilience: Voice traffic travels through an optimized tunnel, creating strong connections on both ends of the call, delivering crisp and clear conversations.
  • Secure & Encrypted: An encrypted end-to-end tunnel optimized for voice traffic shields conversations from both bandwidth-heavy resources and hackers looking for any opening to access the business network.
  • Fast Deployment: Cloud-enabled set-up that does not require static IP addresses or port forwarding - further safeguarding security by eliminating port exposure to the Internet.

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