Microsoft Integration

ESI eTeams™

ESI eCloud PBX™ now hosts Microsoft Teams endpoints with the ESI eTeams™ integration. In conjunction with Microsoft 365’s Business and Enterprise licenses, ESI eTeams™ connects teams, organizations, customers, and partners with ease. Pairing Microsoft Teams users with ESI's eCloud PBX™ improves the communications abilities of Teams users needing voice communications with colleagues and customers around the world, without the need to change any existing hardware or existing phone numbers. 

Each of the following Microsoft license options includes MS Teams, which allows a business to employ the ESI eTeams™ Connector to power ESI eCloud PBX's top-quality voice, conferencing and call center capabilities to Microsoft Teams endpoints:

  • MS365 E1- and E3 Enterprise licenses with the MS Phone System add-on
  • MS365 Business Basic, Standard, or Premium with the MS Phone System add-on
  • MS365 E5 (includes MS Phone System)


  • Unique calling number (DID)
  • Inbound and Outbound calling
  • ESI Voicemail with visual voicemail
  • ESI Auto Attendant with configurable Music-On-Hold
  • Call originations to MS Teams contacts or using MS Teams dial pad
  • Dynamic Emergency Calling
  • Multi-party calls with all many participants as desired
  • Utilize call queues and manage auto attendants
  • Leverage MS Teams desktop and mobile clients

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