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Modern networks are tasked to carry increasingly heavy loads as critical business applications vie for resources. Supporting one or multiple locations, along with the largest remote workforce in history, means a greater daily demand placed on business networks. When networks become strained or experience high call volumes, employees can experience degraded voice quality - especially remote workers using desktop IP phones, smartphone apps or PC softphones.

The ESI eSIP Evolution Series™ virtually creates a private, supercharged highway for voice traffic by tunneling through existing firewalls to the ESI eMobile Pro™ server - where it is then securely encrypted before being sent to its destination across the Internet. This “tunnel” is optimized for voice, reserving sufficient bandwidth and shielding it from other network factors that can drain bandwidth and negatively-impact voice quality. As call volume increases, the tunnel dynamically adjusts to secure additional bandwidth - preserving voice quality and ensuring a solid connection between parties.

Enabling ESI eMobile Pro™ is secure and easy to deploy, with set-up that does not require static IP addresses or port forwarding. There is no need to expose ports on a business network, leading to cleaner and more secure deployments away from the prying eyes of hackers.


  • Remote Resilience: Voice traffic travels through an optimized tunnel, creating strong connections on both ends of the call, delivering crisp and clear conversations.
  • Secure & Encrypted: An encrypted end-to-end tunnel optimized for voice traffic shields conversations from both bandwidth-heavy resources and hackers looking for any opening to access the business network.
  • Fast Deployment: Cloud-enabled set-up that does not require static IP addresses or port forwarding - further safeguarding security by eliminating port exposure to the Internet.
  • For ESI eSIP Evolution Series™ users with eMobile™, eMobile for Desktop™, or remote ESI IP Phones.

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