ESI Communications Servers™

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ESI Communications Servers™


ESI Communications Servers™ are a reliable solution in a variety of compact models. Easy to use, the ESI Communications Servers™ support and enhance on-premises solutions. These servers can support traditional business phone systems as well as standards-based IP telepathy systems. ESI strives to provide solutions and devices that heighten performance and maximize performance for businesses of all sizes.


Cost Savings
With the option of moving all or a portion of your lines from analog to SIP, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing the advantages of an on-premises solution that you currently enjoy. The funds that you will save from this transition can be reallocated to tend to other business needs.

Enhanced Productivity

Supporting your team's productivity also includes supplying tools and systems that can positively impact their daily operations. Unique calling features, advanced messaging, and customizable auto-attendant tools help your team to focus on getting more business done. 

Key features:
  • Supports digital and IP-based communications
  • Easy scalability
  • Unique call handling with Quick Groups™
  • Extensive voicemail features
  • Customizable auto attendant
  • Shared-office tenanting
  • Multi-site networking with ESI-Link™
  • Handling multiple incoming calls with Virtual Answer™
  • Optional ESI Advanced Applications
2021 ESI Tech - Comm Server - Product Image - 50 Series
ESI 50 Series

The ESI-50 supports up to 52 total phones spanning across IP, Digital, and Analog phones. Businesses can connect 35 central office (CO) lines and up to 30 hours of voice storage. ESI Advanced Applications are optional additions that can be added to enhance server performance.

2021 ESI Tech - Comm Server - Product Image - 100 Series
ESI 100 Series

The ESI-100 supports IP, Digital, and Analog phones with up to 84 phones total. With 42 central office (CO) lines, up to 140 hours of voice storage, and 1,121 station mailboxes, the ESI-100 is a great server to support On-Premises communication systems.

ESI 200 Series

Expand your communication capabilities with the ESI 200 Series. Supporting almost 200 phones including digital, IP, and analog, the ESI 200 Series is a great option for medium to large businesses. The ESI 200 Series includes increased central office lines, voicemail ports, voice storage, conference ports, and more.

ESI 1000 Series

Maximize your communication server experience with the ESI 1000 Series. With this premium system, larger companies can take advantage of 734 total phones on a single server, in addition to over a thousand call processing ports, 115 voice mail ports, up to 1,015 hours of voice storage, almost 60 conference ports, and even more expanded features.

Advanced Apps Tile

Advanced Apps
2021 ESI Tech - Solutions - Phones - 900x480 - 55 Phone
ESI 55 Business Phone
Take advantage of the versatility of the ESI 55 Business Phone. With 30 programmable feature keys, this easy-to-use phone will enhance your team’s productivity.
2021 ESI Tech - Solutions - Phones - 900x480 - 60 Phone
ESI 60 Business Phone
Featuring 48 programmable keys, the ESI 60 Phone is a great phone for active phone users looking to maximize productivity and performance.
2021 ESI Tech - Solutions - Phones - 900x480 - dPhone4
ESI dPhone4 Business Phone
With a 4-inch color display, the ESI dPhone4 is a simple to use phone for all users. Features include 36 programmable keys, hands-free communication, and more.
Hand set 650x480 white background
Cordless Handset 3
You need to stay in touch and accessible as you move around your workplace. Make sure you never miss an important call while connected to your ESI system.