ESI 5D Thermal Reader™

ESI 5D Thermal Reader™

Traditional access control technology in the past has only verified the identification of those coming into a facility but has not been able to check for any other variables, until now. The 5D Thermal Reader packs advanced technology into a sleek and compact design. Access can be granted in a variety of ways; RFID scans, QR codes, and even facial recognition. Going a step further to protect employees, the reader can also automate the process of taking body temperature readings and even checking for the presence of face masks if they are required in the workspace. The system can integrate into most standards-based access control systems or work as a stand-alone kiosk. Administrators can access historical data such as visitor logs, temperature data, pass-fail results and more.


  • Customizable entry detection criteria
  • No contact temperature measurements (detection range between 86ºF to 113ºF)
  • PPE facemask detection 
  • Two-way audio with EZ Access Station
  • Various mounting options
  • Tamper protection, door open timeout and time exceeded alarms
  • Facial Recognition
    • >99% Accuracy 
    • 10,000 facial storage capacity
    • 0.2 second recognition time
    • Deceptive detection against pictures and videos
    • Face recognition distance between 6” and 9.5’
  • 1080P low-illumination, wide-angle lens to capture high quality images
    • Video capture recordings
    • Built-in storage for archiving

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