Cordless Handset

Cordless Handset III

You need to stay in touch and be accessible as you move around your workplace. To make sure you never miss an important call, use the ESI Cordless Handset III. You're always connected to your ESI Communications Server™ and its unique features.


  • One-touch access to voice mail, conference, hold, and transfer.
  • A shared voice mailbox with your ESI desktop phone, so you have just one mailbox to check.
  • Eight programmable feature keys to customize your ESI Cordless Handset III for quick access to frequently used features, such as live call recording, ESI's Virtual Answer, and door unlock.
  • A large display that shows voice mailbox activity, Caller ID data, and status indications for talk mode as well as the speakerphone, battery and muting of the ringer and the microphone.

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