ESI Introduces the First “Smartphone” for the Desktop with the ePhone7

ePhone7 gives users a mobile experience combined with improved business productivity

PLANO, Texas – October 4, 2016 – Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI), a provider of business communication solutions that are simple, intuitive and uniquely integrated, today announced the release of the new ESI ePhone7, a phone that is revolutionizing desktop communications. The ePhone7 sets a new direction for business phones by delivering a mobile user experience at the desktop, enabling users to be more efficient and productive every day. It is the most innovative phone delivered by ESI yet, with a touchscreen interface, easy access to contacts, presence indication, visual voicemail, one-touch recording, conferencing and more.

Industry analysts suggest that while individuals use their mobile phone as their first go-to device, business users are not ready to give up their desk phones. According to a report released in March 2015 by Software Advice, a market research firm recently acquired by Gartner, “Employees continue to use desk phones more than any other type of telephony device or service.” That said, office phone technology has developed a reputation for lagging behind that of mobile phones, leading to growing workplace frustration as users struggle to program their phones and to use basic features and functions.

The ePhone7 is an integral part of the ESI eCloud PBX solution. It combines the critical features of a business phone–like call transfer, park, conference, page and call forward–with the user experience of a mobile device. Designed specifically to enhance workplace efficiency and productivity, ESI maximized the benefits of the cloud by prioritizing the simplicity of use and the intuitive communication experience users have come to expect.

“Users want an experience that is Google fast and Apple easy, so we knew designing a desk phone for the smartphone era was the best way to exceed user expectations," said George Platt, chief executive officer at ESI. "We understood that user expectations were changing, but the experience wasn't. With the introduction of the ePhone7, we've delivered a mobile experience that makes business communications simple. Users have access to all inter-office extensions and names as well as all personal and external phone numbers already programmed in their iPhone or Android device. This phone is a game changer for business communications.”

The ePhone7 delivers a powerful end user experience through the following features:

  • Simply dial by name: Quick access to business or personal contacts. Contacts are managed in a single interface that has the same interactions as a smartphone.
  • Eliminate key programming: It is easy to access contacts as well as create favorites and group lists that replace the need for speed dial and DSS keys.
  • Visibility into the presence and availability of co-workers: Visual indicators make it easy to see who is in or out of office and available to communicate.
  • One touch eHELP: Quick access to ‘how-to’ user videos assist users in learning about how to use new features, therefore driving adoption.

No other business phone vendor has provided a fully integrated approach to communications that is centralized around access to contacts, aligning with the mobile experience. The ePhone7 delivers a unified view of contacts across the desk phone, dashboard and mobile device leveraging ESI Intelitouch™. ESI delivers a business phone that keeps business communications in sync from any location or device.

The ePhone7 changes the way we communicate at the desktop and delivers a complete business experience that matches the expectations of today’s workforce. It takes a smartphone experience combined with the key business features and delivers it in an intuitive business communication solution. The ePhone7 simplifies what the business phone should do and delivers increased effectiveness and productivity for every user.

About ESI

Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI) delivers high-performance business phone systems and cloud services that are simple, intuitive and uniquely integrated, backed by its superior technical support and available in multiple deployment models. Founded in 1987, the company has sold more than 350,000 systems. Through its network of certified ESI resellers, the company provides end-to-end solutions that give businesses the power to choose the features they want and need. ESI is a privately held corporation headquartered in Plano, Texas.

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