ESI Outlines Best Practices for Balancing Employee and Company Expectations with BYOD

With telecommuting on the rise, workers are demanding intuitive and comprehensive solutions to meet their needs.
DALLAS, Texas – June 11, 2015 – Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI), a provider of business communication solutions that are simple, intuitive and uniquely integrated, outlined the best practices for companies looking to implement a mobile business applications. The need for mobile solutions has become more apparent in recent years, with the United States experiencing an estimated 80 percent increase in telecommuting from 2005 to 2012 according to the Census Bureau.
“The boundaries between the workplace and the employees private lives are blurring due to extensive use of personal mobile phones for business. In fact, Gartner recently revealed that 40 percent of employees at large enterprises use their personal phone for business,” said George Platt, ESI’s chief executive officer. “Businesses must respond by choosing mobile apps that give employees the freedom to seamlessly work from anywhere, while allowing companies to maintain control over sensitive data and customer contact information.”

Employees Expect Familiar and Usable Solutions

Employees are using their phones every day for business communications. The device is familiar and deeply ingrained in how they communicate for personal or business purposes. Thus, a business communications app must have familiar user interface and be simple to use, delivering all the basic functionalities they are accustom to in order to ensure adoption. “Finding the right mobile business application is only half the battle. The other half is getting employees to actually utilize the application, because without widespread adoption the time spent finding the right application is time wasted,” said Platt.

A company-implemented application must also be intuitive and provide real value to the employee, making their job easier and more efficient. Real-time availability information, visual voicemail, call routing, and a directory of co-workers, can make communicating more effective and productive. The ability to stay connected back the business while on the road offers employees the ability to increase their productivity, as well as ensure they maintain a professional perception to their customers. Finally, a business application must ensure a barrier between employee and company data, even when the information appears together on a mobile device. This not only provides peace of mind to employees that personal contacts won’t be lost, but also helps maintain a work-life balance, as employees can set limits on their availability and personalize call routing schedules.

Employers Expect Productivity and Data Security

For employers, a solution needs to support business objectives by increasing employee connectivity and productivity and also protecting propriety data and customer relationships. If employees use their personal phones to make business calls, employers have no way to track those calls or even make a record that the calls took place. This means the business loses control of the relationships being built with those customers. Additionally, for businesses that rely on billable hours, not being able to track time spent on the phone could mean lost revenue. The key is to ensure every customer interaction can be monitored and tracked. For employees that alternate between working at their desks and in the field, real-time presence and availability indicators are necessary for streamlined business operations. This not only gives employees access to business information, but also gives businesses the ability to locate employees and ensure availability during business hours. The right app can ensure employees are available no matter where they are via a single phone number that is routed through the company phone system, creating history and a record of each customer interaction Finding the right mobile solution is a balancing act between employee and business concerns. To aid businesses in the search for the right mobile solution, ESI released a free eBook, ‘Reimagining the Workplace’, outlining the steps necessary to balance all concerns and ensure seamless adoption of a mobile solution.

About ESI

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