ESI Access™ 5D Thermal Reader

With the ESI Access™ 5D Thermal Reader companies can limit entry, helping to ensure safe office environments for employees, vendors, and customers. The system is flexible and can easily be updated based on the latest set of CDC, state, and organizational guidelines.

The 5D Reader is designed to check for a flexible set of variables that can be set by each organization according to its access needs, including traditional RFID scans, QR codes, and even facial recognition.

This unique Reader can also automate the process of taking body temperature readings and checking for the presence of PPE masks. Individuals requesting access are notified if their body temperature is within acceptable limits, or if they’re required to wear a mask.

A password-protected, configurable log of visitors that includes pictures, actual temperature data, pass-fail results and other information is also available to administrators, Maintaining proper access records that can help organizations prove they took the necessary steps to safeguard their offices and their constituents.

The system can be set up in a stand-alone kiosk mode or integrated into most standards-based access control systems

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Key Features

  • Fully-customizable entry detection criteria
  • No contact temperature measurements
    • Temperature detection range between 86°F to 113°F
    • Configurable temperature thresholds
  • PPE face mask detection
  • Two-way audio with EZ Access Station terminal
  • Supports multiple custom prompts
  • Various mounting options
  • Tamper protection, door open time out and time exceeded alarms
  • Facial Recognition
    • Accuracy > 99%; False Rate < 1%
    • 10,000 face storage capacity
    • Recognition time 0.2 seconds
    • Face recognition distance between 6” and 9.5’
  • 1080P low-illumination, wide-angle lens to capture high quality images
    • Supports video capture recordings
    • Built-in storage for archiving

Manage your 5D Readers with EZ Station™

The Windows®-based application configures and communicates with all ESI Access™ 5D Thermal Readers installed at the site. This application makes it easy to customize and monitor the solution from one location. The password-protected application will allow administrators to manage all 5D Readers on the network, set entrance and reporting (alerting) criteria, view applicable entry logs, communicate via two way audio, monitor the live video feeds and much more!