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On-Premises PBX Systems

Sophisticated yet simple solutions that give you the flexibility of both digital and IP functionality. All your vital business communication features are built-in – not just added on, making a more intuitive and integrated approach to communications.

Advanced ESI-only features
Unique message handling
Intelligent caller ID and call forwarding
ESI Virtual Answer lets you greet every caller even if you’re on the other line
Extensive voicemail capabilities with advanced features and messaging options

Increase business productivity
One touch call recording
Conveniently route callers and provide overflow support for live-answer calls.
Stay connected with multi-device management
Use ESI Presence Management to optimize your business and VIP7 for desktop administration

Flexible architecture
Supports both digital- and IP-based communications
Easily connect multiple sites with ESi-Link™ enabling you to manage a single system
Streamlines data redundancy for automatic backups of system data and messages

Save money on connectivity
Implement SIP Trunking and save up to 50% on connectivity costs
Unlimited long distance and local calling
Business continuity in case of business impacting events
Scale your business connectivity quickly and easily with SIP Trunking